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Follow these 3 easy steps before donating your phone
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Prepare your phone

Please follow these steps before donating your device to Secure the Call
Remove Android or iOS cloud

Before you submit your phone to us, it is imperative that you remove any operating system locks. A locked phone cannot be entered into our program. Please click here if you need instructions on how to do this.

Remove SIM Card

This can be done easily on most phones by using a small tool, such as a paper clip, to pop out the sim tray. Do not worry if you can't, we double check every device to ensure the sim is removed.

Delete your Data

Both Android and iOS have options in the system settings to factory restore your device. Once your phone is restored it is ready to be dropped off!

Host a Barrel

Learn how you can help the environment, give people access to emergency services and create a safer community.
“I wanted to join Secure the Call's mission. So I decided to set up my own donation barrel at my business.”
John Moorefield
Donation barrel host